Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stevia: A Sweet Solution to the Afghani Drug Trade

A Sweet Solution to the Afghani Drug Trade:
"Steviva President Thom King has proposed that the Afghani's convert their opium poppy fields to stevia. While stevia is grown around the world, King believes the growing conditions in the Southern part of Afghanistan are perfect for growing stevia and the extraction process which yields the super sweet stevioside is somewhat similar to the process which yields opium from poppies. King is willing to put his money where his mouth is and offer to purchase all the stevia and stevioside extract from the Afghani farmers at fair market value as long as the quality meets his companies strict standards. "

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sugar-powered car sends markets into frenzy

Sugar-powered car sends markets into frenzy | This is Money:
by Simon Watkins -- 1/29/2006
"Of the 1.7 million cars bought in Brazil last year, 54% were flex-fuel models. Cane sugar is an easy source of the ethanol fuel and is right on the doorstep for happy Brazilian drivers. "

Sugar Prices Boom, More Cane Seen Used for Biofuel

Planet Ark : Sugar Prices Boom, More Cane Seen Used for Biofuel:
"LONDON - Sugar is a star among commodity markets, with prices at 25-year peaks and possibly heading higher as investors see potential to divert more cane to make biofuel. "

Calling all herb and flower buyers

This is a press release about my "Directory of Flower and Herb Buyers" on the Natural Food Network site. - Organic food, natural food, certified organic suppliers:
Feb 2006
"Missouri-based publisher Prairie Oak Publishing has a free opportunity for all North American companies that purchase flowers or herbs for use in their products. The company publishes a yearly Directory of Flower and Herb Buyers which connects buyers and sellers of ornamental, medicinal, culinary, and other botanicals grown or wildcrafted in North America. The directory informs growers and wildcrafters about contact information within each company along with what flower or herb the company needs. Prairie Oak is now accepting buyer listings for the Directory of Flower and Herb Buyers, 2006. Companies wanting to purchase all types of floral or herbal botanicals directly from growers and wildcrafters in large or small amounts should submit a free listing at The submission deadline is March 6, 2006 and the directory will be available for $15.95 on March 31. For more information or a listing form, contact Jeffrey Goettemoeller at Prairie Oak Publishing in Maryville,"