Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stevia for your sweet drink habit

The article linked below mentions a study comparing candy intake and sugary drinks. Those eating extra candy in their diet did not consume more calories overall, but those drinking extra sugary drinks did consume substantially more calories overall. Drinking calories fails to make one feel full it seems, so we go ahead and consume more calories.

Stevia is a good solution to this problem. Hot tea or iced tea with stevia and mint is a real treat, and adds very few colories to your diet.

Think Before You Drink - Page 1 - MSN Health & Fitness - Nutrition

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Could Stevia benefit from higher sugar prices?

The article linked below mentions that it is much less expensive to make ethanol from sugar as opposed to corn. This is expected to result in much higher sugar prices and growing demand for sugar alternatives such as stevia. Stevia could be grown in many more places than sugar cane. It can be grown as an annual in cold winter climates, and thrives with varied soil conditions. It could be an ideal crop for replacing opium Poppy production in some countries. It would also grow well where Tobacco is now grown.
Olam CEO: Sugar Prices To Rise Over Next Yr On Biofuel Demand