Monday, October 27, 2008

Stevia gaining favor

MaryJane Butters: Stevia, the no-calorie sweetener, is gaining favor - Salt Lake Tribune: "More and more people are developing a lower tolerance for sugar, and some are even losing their ability to process it in a healthy way altogether. From headaches and upset stomachs to hypoglycemia and diabetes, sugar has the capability to throw our systems out of whack."

Stevia market demand growing

The market for stevia appears to be growing, especially for the new products based on Rebaudioside A, the substance in stevia leaves thought to produce the best taste. Most of this demand will likely be met by very large scale plantations. However, a greater visibility for stevia among the public should help open up opportunities for smaller growers to sell stevia plants and other stevia products on a local level.
Food Ingredients First ::: "The potential market for PureVia Reb-A is now estimated at more than US$1.3 billion – and growing fast: only this month, Australia and New Zealand (October 2008) are the latest to grant approval for Stevia to be used as an ingredient in their food and beverage products."

Monday, October 06, 2008

Stevia approved as food & beverage ingredient in Australia & New Zealand

Maybe the U.S. will be the next location for full approval.
Business New natural sweetner gets OK - Weekly Times Now: "AFTER a decade of research, CQUniversity has received approval for the natural sweetener steviol glycosides (stevia), as an ingredient in foods and beverages in Australia and New Zealand."